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New found Inspiration

2009-11-03 01:04:58 by WarningK

Thanks to Xiao Xiao and the Castle series I have received new found inspiration to attempt to create better stickman creations.

My New Submission

2009-10-17 00:15:33 by WarningK

Yea I Just Submitted my first Submission, don't know how it's going but let's hope it doesn't get blammed.

Workin On Something

2009-10-16 06:17:54 by WarningK

I'm Working on Something using Pivot, I'm pretty shit at animating though but I'll see how it goes.

It's taken 2 weeks but finally I've gained the rank Town Watch.

Toss the Turtle Ownage

2009-10-12 01:52:45 by WarningK

Using the best stuff in Toss the Turtle I have managed to get 2 million feet. Now I have 71 Nukes that I haven't used.

Combat Arms

2009-10-01 17:55:45 by WarningK

Does anybody out there play Combat Arms? If you do add me WarningKT.